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Victorian Lockets

Victorian Lockets

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  1. A joy to wear, this delicately hand engraved locket is both modern and old fashioned. The back is engravable and you could put a special date or sentiment on the back. Learn More
  2. Just like getting two lockets for the price of one! Made in the Victorian tradition, one side is plain with a simple engraved border and the other has a beautiful floral hand engraving. Learn More
  3. A rare combination of artistry and quality, this locket has a nice box-like inside to hold anything from pictures to small objects, with a secure snap. Learn More
  4. This hand engraved locket is both elegant and unique. Learn More
  5. This hand engraved oval locket is elegant with a heavy feel that only the finest lockets have. The unique detail of the bale reminds us of Victorian days so the locket displays a mix of both old and new. Learn More
  6. Special Price $265.00

    Regular Price: $320.00

    14K Gold Heart within a Heart Locket. Inspired by Victorian design, this locket has an enchanting design embossed like a wreath around the edges. Learn More
  7. An outstanding facated peridot is mounted on the front of this stunning locket. Learn More
  8. Special Price $369.95

    Regular Price: $396.00

    Meticulously hand crafted by skilled artisans. The heavyweight sterling photo charm swings joyously from a highly detailed unique sterling chain. Learn More
  9. 3/4" across, this locket is a standard size locket for most women. Inside is room for 2 pictures protected with plastic inserts. The struck edging is reminiscent of the Victorian style lockets from the turn of the century. It looks great with a monogram on the front, or a sentiment on the back. It comes with an 18 " 14K white gold rope chain Learn More
  10. Special Price $468.95

    Regular Price: $579.95

    This traditionally embossed locket is a Heartsmith favorite. The delicate floral border reminds us of heirloom pieces from the thirties and forties. Learn More

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