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  1. This stunning design is a new style by our master craftsmen. The locket measures aprox. 3/4" across by 1" long and is made of 18K yellow gold. Learn More
  2. Special Price $1,550.00

    Regular Price: $1,730.00

    This gorgeous diamond locket necklace has no shortage of sparkling assets. With aprox. 1/3 ct TW diamonds, it gleams like the moon on a starry night. Learn More
  3. This superb locket measures 19mm or 3/4 inch across. It is 18K fine yellow gold, hand engraved by Charles Green & Sons in Birmingham, England. It holds 2 pictures protected by plastic inserts inside. Learn More
  4. Exquisitely engraved and crafted, this locket was presented to England's Queen Mother herself for her 100th birthday. Hand engraved, by one of Europe's finest craftsmen. Learn More
  5. This lovely oval 18K gold locket has the image of a tree hand engraved on it. The tree symbolizes so many things. Learn More
  6. Special Price $33.00

    Regular Price: $40.00

    This pewter locket pendant, handcrafted by American artisans, swings open to reveal its special message inside. "Love your Dog" on one side and "Know True Love" on the other. Learn More
  7. The creamy purple color can go with so many outfits. Learn More
  8. $3,099.00
    This gorgeous locket has an old fashioned, traditional look. With diamonds and delicate hand engraved scroll work around the edges. Learn More
  9. Special Price $48.00

    Regular Price: $58.50

    A graceful riot of flowers is embossed on the front of this antiqued brass locket. It is, like the others, made by hand in Europe from original molds dating back to the early 1900's. Learn More
  10. This incredible locket is made of fine platinum and diamonds. It is the ultimate locket for the woman of your life. Learn More

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