About Silver Tooth Fairy Boxes

About Silver Tooth Fairy Boxes

While losing a tooth might be a bit scary for a child, putting it into one of our silver tooth fairy boxes from Heartsmith may make it a little less frightening. These small boxes add an elegant decorative element to a room, whether placed atop a nightstand, by a fireplace, or near a lamp. At Heartsmith, you'll find a variety of silver keepsake boxes, including tooth fairy boxes and First Curl boxes.

Our silver tooth fairy box features a polished finish with a tiny fairy sitting on the lid. You'll find a considerable amount of detail in the construction of these boxes, from the fairy's dress and wings to the cloth lining of the box. Our tooth fairy boxes are all constructed from heavyweight silver by an experienced craftsman, ensuring high quality in every piece.

Personalize Our Silver Tooth Fairy Boxes

If you'd like to make one of our silver tooth fairy boxes more personal, you can have the box engraved. For a small fee, we can add a monogram or a short message to the bottom of the box. After engraving it, we'll package the tooth fairy box in a gift box with a satin lining, ready to be given to the expecting parents.

In addition to the tooth fairy box that you can find in our catalog, we also have a stunning Fairypot. With a butterfly on top of the lid and amethysts running around the outside of the silver box, it's the perfect for parents expecting a baby girl and can be used to store teeth for the tooth fairy. If you have any questions about our keepsake boxes, click here to send us a message online or call us at (888) 501-8777.


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