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Isabelle- Handmade Silver Locket with Blue Topaz

Sterling silver is one of the most beautiful precious metals in all the world. With its gently brilliant patina, sterling silver only grows more beautiful with age. Soft yet strong, it reflects up to 95 percent of the light it receives. Sterling silver has been hammered into beautiful shapes and jewelry for thousands of years pleasing kings and queens.  It has been an ideal metall for jewelryin many cultures around the world.

And there is no more romantic keepsake jewelry than heart shaped lockets. Since their Victorian heyday, platinum, gold and silver lockets have never gone out of style with lovers, parents, grandparents, and soldiers. Ideal for holding small photographs of loved ones, locks of hair, or miniature poesies (bits of love poetry), platinum, gold and silver lockets are the perfect way to literally hold someone close to your heart.

Adding to sterling silver's attraction is its surprising affordability. A delicately engraved platinum locket would cost  thousands of dollars. Yet, the same design in sterling silver may cost less than one hundred, while delivering the same careful artistry and emotional impact.

At Heartsmith, we are proud to be the leading internet resource for sterling silver lockets and other lockets made in other precious metals.  In business since 1999,  we are proud of our selection, our quality, and our top-of-the-line customer service. If you would like to speak to us directly, we are acessable during regular business hours,  please call toll free 1 (888) 501-8777. We thank you for your interest in sterling silver locket jewelry and for visiting us today at Heartsmith.


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