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At Heartsmith, we are proud to carry 18 karat and platinum lockets made by Charles Green & Sons of Birmingham, England, and other well respected manufacturers here in the USA. Established in 1824, this company continues to this day to be family run and operates out of its original location in the Birmingham Jewellery Center. Charles Green & Sons are considered to be among the finest locket makers in the world. Every piece is a treasure, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Most of the Charles Green & Sons heirloom lockets are available in 18 karat gold,white gold and platinum. Their diamonds meet GIA standards, and they limit their selection to those which receive a minimum grade of SI1 and meet color H standards. (H diamonds are those which bridge the gap between "nearly colorless" and "colorless". H is the diamond color of most engagement ring diamonds in the United States). To see the Charles Green Catalog click here.

All Charles Green & Sons gold and platinum lockets sold by Heartsmith are made by hand and made to order. This means that the locket you give to your beloved, your mother, or your grandmother will never have been tried on or held by any other living being except the jeweler who created it and the staff member who carefully packaged it for you.

At Heartsmith, we are proud of our ongoing relationship with Charles Green & Sons and our other locket manufacturers.In addition to their gold and platinum lockets, we also carry beautiful enamel, gold and platinum necklaces and pendants, diamond and platinum crosses, white gold St. Joan crosses and more. Thank you for your interest in platinum lockets by Charles Green and Sons, and for visiting us today at Heartsmith Jewelry. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 1 (888) 501-8777.


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