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When a man or woman is far away from loved ones, fighting the battle of God and Country, few things matter more than the symbols of home and hearth. Yet, for the fighting man and woman, personal mementos must be kept at a minimum. Soldiers must be fleet of foot and able to relocate in the blink of an eye.

Picture lockets, easily hung on a necklace or even on one's dog-tag chain, make the perfect venue for keeping one's loved ones close to the heart. Suspended around the neck, soldiers can easily show their comrades-in-arms the reason they're fighting. In the dark of night, far from home, the image of a loving spouse, one's children, or even a snapshot a beloved pet can give the tired spirit strength to endure times of trial.

In addition to the more familiar ornate lockets, at Heartsmith, we carry a wide selection of picture lockets perfect for the fighting man or woman. Fashioned out of sterling silver, these memento-holders are affordable, beautiful, and perfect for either men or women. The Juno Shield locket is fashioned in the shape of medieval armor; the Belle locket is a shining disc, similar in appearance to a small pocket watch case, and the Daryl Book design is a beautifully polished octagonal locket. All three of these picture lockets, located in the Sterling Silver pages of our online catalog, run less than fifty dollars.

Heartsmith is proud to be the leading resource for picture locket jewelry for soldiers and their families since 1999. We are proud of our wide selection of picture lockets perfect for both men and women. Thank you for your interest in picture lockets and for visiting us today at Heartsmith.


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