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Personalized Lockets

A locket is a special place where you can keep a special image or a token to remember someone by. A personalized locket is even more special because it has been engraved with a special message or a name that adds to itís sentimental value. A favorite locket in our shop is a large silver locket with a dog paw on the front. We often personalize the back with the dogs name and a date. This is a very personal keepsake for the owner of the dog. Given as a gift, the thought will always be remembered.

Heartsmith is a specialty shop of lockets of all shapes and sizes. Offering engraving for each purchase, Heartsmith gives their customer an option to personalize the locket, to make it special for themselves or for the gift they are giving to another. Heartsmith also makes it easy to choose a locket to engrave Ė with so many varied options. Classically styled lockets, Victorian replicas, or small manufacturer hand-made pieces. There is a lot to look at on their website.


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