About Personalized Jewelry

Personalized Jewelry

Turn a piece of jewelry into something sentimental by engraving it. Giving a gift to a loved one speaks volumes when it is engraved. Personalizing the jewelry shows you went the extra mile for them. You have turned an ordinary gift into a keepsake that will be treasured.

There are many ways to personalize jewelry. You can engrave a single initial, or a monogram or the initials of someone’s full name. You can also engrave a loving or friendly sentiment, such as “love always” or “to my best friend”- a special date . Only limited by your imagination when it comes to engraving a sentiment.

Heartsmith’s locket jewelry and engravable jewelry are tasteful, classic and will be instant family heirlooms. Choose from styles that will suit the personality of the recipient. Victorian lockets, Dog tags, ID bracelets, classic locket pendants, or handmade artisan jewelry – you will find one to suit your gift. Personalized jewelry is one of the many ways we can show our true feelings to our loved ones. Speak from your heart. Engrave from your heart. Make it personal.


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Personalized Jewelry

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