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Mother's Day Specials

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We offer a grouping of lockets here that are appropriate for your Mom. And will make her happy for Mother's Day. A locket gift, especially a personalized locket will keep on giving all year long.
Mother Heart Locket
$515.00 $410.00
Love - White Gold Locket
$535.00 $479.00
Amelia Yellow Gold Locket
$665.00 $579.00
Motherhood Oval Cameo Locket
$670.00 $609.00
Amelia/wg White Gold Locket
$675.00 $569.00
Petals Sterling  4 picture Heart Locket
$675.00 $585.00
Marie 14kt Diamond Quilt Locket
$1450.00 $1270.00
Large Round Gold Locket
$1730.00 $1576.00
Sophia 18K Locket
Spring has sprung, and Mother's Day is just around the corner. Lockets or photo pendants are just another way to say "I love you" to mom. Honor her with special memories preserved in the locket. Or a special date engraved on the back of her gift. After all, what are we but a collection of memories, some more treasured than others? Put them in the locket, wear them, give them. Love them.