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First of all, did you ever want to know where the idea of Motherís day came from? Motherís have been celebrated in many different ways through history. From earth goddesses like Gaia and Cybele, to The Virgin Mary. The holiday in the USA was a dream of a woman named Anna Jarvis. Back on May 12, 1907, two years after her own motherís death she held a memorial to her mom, Ann Jarvis. Afterwards, she campaigned to create a holiday that celebrated all mothers, and it would be on the second Sunday in May, every year. By 1914, Motherís Day became a recognized holiday.

One of the sweetest, most romantic, and most treasured family possessions is a mother's locket. Containing the tiny photographs of a beloved husband, her smiling children, or the hair from the heads of her loved ones, in literature, a mother's locket is a beloved symbol of the joy a woman derives from her family.

Once considered a standard family heirloom, in the '50s and '60s, lockets fell out of style. Considered old-fashioned and somehow quaint, they moved from being standard Mother's Day gifts into being considered more like costume pieces; not to be worn everyday, but rather as an accessory chosen to match a particular outfit.

Ah, how things change. Just as with charm bracelets and brooches, lockets are making an enormous comeback. In business since 1999, Heartsmith--considered the Internet's leading resource for heirloom quality lockets--has seen our locket sales double every year since we began. Nostalgic gifts no more, lockets are again one of the most delightful gifts a woman can receive on Mother's Day, a birthday, or any gift-exchanging holiday.

Whether you're purchasing a Mother's Day gift, a token of thanks for the mother of your child, or a holiday gift for a sister or friend, they'll be delighted with the beauty and old-world craftsmanship of any locket you select from Heartsmith. And chances are, you'll be delighted with the price. Though we are proud to carry many of the finest lockets available on the Internet, we are also pleased to say that we have an enormous variety of beautiful pieces that are eminently affordable, regardless of one's ideal budget. Thank you for your interest in purchasing lockets for the mothers in your life and for visiting us at Heartsmith to do so.


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