About Mother Daughter Lockets

Mother Daughter Lockets

For a mother and daughter who are looking for a way to bond with each other, mother daughter lockets may be a perfect gift. These pairs of lockets come in the same style, with the one intended for the mother being slightly larger than the locket for the daughter. Another option for mother daughter lockets, of course, is to get them perfectly matched pairs.

At Heartsmith, we make it easy to find mother daughter lockets, as we have a large selection of jewelry available. You'll find a separate section of our store devoted to children's jewelry. Lockets in this section will be small enough for your daughter's hand and will be cherished for years to come.

Matching Mother Daughter Lockets

If your daughter wants to be just like her mother, a pair of mother daughter lockets is the perfect gift for a father to give on Mother's Day. In addition to our children's lockets, we have larger lockets that you can give your wife that have similar designs. You can put the same picture in the locket for your daughter as the one for her mother to make it even more special for them.

For a finishing touch, we can have your mother daughter lockets engraved. You can add their initials to each locket, or put a short message on the back or inside. To find out more about our selection of lockets or our engraving services, click here to send us an online message or call our office at (888) 501-8777.


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Buyer's Guide

A few ideas for Mother Daughter Locket pairs...

Bailey Locket comes in small silver size and a larger white or yellow gold

This locket comes in 3 sizes from 1/2" to 1" across in gold and goldfilled

Louise Locket, is available in sterling and white or yellow gold, and in three sizes


And we have so many others to choose from!