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Memorial Jewelry

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When you or someone close to you suffers the loss of a loved one or pet you need a place to keep their memories alive and close to you. We have lockets that will serve as memorial keepsakes better than any other type of jewelry. Personalize a locket or pendant with a special message to remember them by.
The Living Tree Pendant
$26.50 $21.00
Precious Token Locket
$35.00 $29.00
A Dogs Love Pendant
$40.00 $33.00
Mr. Fur Round Pendant
$49.00 $42.00
Oval St. Christopher Medal
$52.00 $45.00
Enamel St. Christopher Medal
$52.00 $45.00
$53.00 $48.50
Cybil Locket - Poison Ring
$59.00 $45.00
Sterling Silver Paw Print Locket
$59.00 $52.00
Peace Sterling Silver Locket  Engraved
$60.00 $54.50
St. Christopher Oval Medal
$62.00 $54.00
Oval Dog Bone Locket
$64.00 $52.00
Sterling Silver Heart Locket - Linda
$76.00 $61.00
Sterling Silver Celtic Locket - Love Knot
$92.00 $74.00
Celtic Love Knot Oval Locket
$105.00 $69.00
Camelot Sterling Box Locket
$125.00 $109.00
Sterling Silver Four Picture Oval Locket with Diamond - Caroline
$125.00 $110.00
$172.00 $150.00
Gwen Sterling Locket
$189.00 $168.00
Isabelle Topaz Locket
$198.00 $176.00
Big Angel
$217.00 $198.00
Gold Looped Cross with Citrine
$218.00 $199.00
14K Yellow Gold Heart Color Cross Locket- Adrian
$359.95 $241.95
Isabelle with Diamonds
$369.00 $349.00
Veronica White Gold Locket
$425.00 $369.00

Memorial Jewelry has been around for centuries. A single piece of jewelry or a locket is engraved or personalized in such a way that it becomes a small token of remembrance. See

The Art of Mourning

a website devoted to jewelry of the past and how it eases the hearts of many who grieve.