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Those of us that have suffered the loss of a loved one know that there is a period in which we need to have pictures and memories of our loved one within arm's reach at all times. Being able to simply see our beloved's face, even though it's painful, makes us feel closer to that person. Being able to be anywhere and still be in contact with that image is an enormous comfort.

Locket necklaces are an elegant way to handle this need to be close to the images of lost loved ones. Worn about the neck, the image is close to the heart, literally and physically, 24 hours a day. With the photograph, poem, or lock of hair safe inside metal walls, the locket is a gentle, constant reminder of how we carry our loved ones with us still.

At Heartsmith, we carry a beautiful array of keepsake locket necklaces perfect for safely storing the images and reminders of loved ones. We have glass fronted lockets, as well as those featuring two, three and four frames. Our lockets come in a wide variety of precious metals, including sterling silver, 14 and 18 karat gold, and platinum. Though they range in price from less than $40 to well over a thousand dollars, each is beautiful, delicately crafted, and perfectly appropriate to enshrine the image of a loved one.

Heartsmith is honored to be visited as you search for your perfect locket necklace. In business since 1999, we are proud of our selection and our considerate customer service. If have any questions, please call toll free 1 (888) 501-8777. Thank you for your interest in heart lockets, and for visiting Heartsmith today.


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