About Locket Bracelets

About Locket Bracelets

Carrying a locket with you every day is a great way to remind you of someone or something important in your life. While many people wear locket pendants, a locket bracelet is another good way to keep an image or token with you as you go about your daily routine. The bracelets available with lockets vary quite a bit. From heavy sterling chain locket bracelets with one locket on it, to lighter ones with two or three lockets hanging.

Heartsmith , a locket specialist since 1999 offers many styles of locket bracelets, as you might imagine. As their designs are often sourced from small suppliers of handmade items their inventory can change often. You will find beautiful sterling locket bracelets, with classic heart or oval lockets hanging on it. There are some fun, fashion, silver plated braceltets with a Victorian inspiration. There is even one bracelet with five functional lockets making up the bracelet itself- this is a “must see”! Heartsmith has even customized bracelets for customers who have their own needs.

So no matter if you like locket bracelets for style or for functionality, Heartsmith has unique pieces that will be cherished for years to come.


Take a moment to learn how to recognize exceptional quality in precious metals, or how to select just the right piece for any occasion!

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Some of our favorite Locket Bracelets


Gwen - Bracelet


Sterling Toggle Locket Bracelet


Rita Locket Bracelet


Victoria Charm Bracelet


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