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The heart locket makes a wonderful gift for just about anyone, but especially a young girl ready to start enjoying a proper jewelry collection. Heart lockets have multiple attractions for young women. They're romantic, feminine, beautiful, and provide the perfect place for storing small, but important photographs or secret love messages.

Sterling Heart Lockets are perfect for everyday...

Sterling silver lockets are uniquely suited for young women. First, they're much less expensive than heart locket jewelry fashioned out of either gold or platinum, making them much easier for young women to purchase for themselves or for their friends and loved ones. Secondly, sterling silver is perceived as being a perennially "hip" metal. Although gold is often worn only for "special" occasions, heart lockets fashioned from silver are perfect for everyday wear.

Young women can find all sorts of things perfect for storing in the small secret locket compartments. Photographs of best friends, a boyfriend, a beloved parent or mentor, or even the hair of a lost pet can be discreetley stored in the precious metal case. Tiny notes of love can be hidden "in plain view." A petal from a prom corsage, or a portion of a leaf collected on a picture-perfect day can all be stored with charm and romance within the small, sturdy confines of a heart locket.

At Heartsmith, we are proud to be the internet resource of choice for thousands of customers across the globe with a passion for heart lockets. We carry beautiful and affordable sterling silver lockets, as well as fine jewelry lockets fashioned from 14 and 18 karat white and yellow gold and platinum. Thank you for your interest in heart lockets, and for visiting us today at Heartsmith.


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