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Ancient cultures believed that by holding or viewing a symbol which represented a loved one, we were in closer spiritual contact with that person. For many of us, wearing a gold locket containing their picture helps remind us to send them love and energy throughout the day.  Also having a photo or a token of a specific person can be comforting to the wearer. Worn about the neck and resting close to the heart, lockets are a beautiful way to make a spiritual connection tangible.

At Heartsmith, we have been in business since 1999. With so many of our countrymen and women fighting a war far from home, soldiers and their families are among our most frequent clientele. They come to us because they know that our gold heart lockets are a beautiful way to keep their loved ones in their thoughts 24 hours a day.

We believe that everyone should be able to afford high-quality locket jewelry to wear as personal talismans. For this reason, in addition to our fine 18 karat and platinum heart lockets, we insist on carrying only the finest examples of sterling silver and 14 karat gold heart lockets. Though we feature lockets that cost upwards of a thousand dollars, we are also proud of our impressive and beautiful heart lockets that are available at a fraction of that cost. Many of our loveliest lockets, in fact, cost less than $50.

Regardless of price, we promise that every locket we carry is made to the highest standards of craftsmanship and artistry. We stand behind every piece of jewelry we sell. We thank you for visiting Heartsmith as you search for the perfect sterling, platinum or gold heart locket.


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