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Engraved Lockets

An engraved locket can be the perfect gift for someone with whom you share a deep emotional connection. If you are searching for a gift for your wife, you might consider getting one for her and placing a picture of the two of you in it. You can also give an engraved locket to your child that she will treasure as a piece of fine jewelry while also carrying a picture of her family with her.  Kids love this.

Heartsmith is proud to be the only online retailer that specializes in lockets. We really know our produt! You can count on us to help you choose beautiful lockets made from sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. Most of our lockets can be engraved by us, so you won't need to bring your locket anywhere else. it can arrive to you exactly the way you want it.  We can engrave it with a sentiment, date, initials or perhaps a custom picture you have in mind. Please let us know if you have any questions about our engraving. 888-501-8777.

Engraved Lockets in Many Different Styles

Those looking for traditional lockets that can be engraved won't be disappointed in our ample selection. Our Victorian lockets and lockets with antique finishes have a timeless appearance, and an engraved message can personalize your locket to be the ideal present. You'll also find modern styles, such as the Adrienne white gold oval locket with diamond accents or the family locket called simply "Petals". Both of these can be beautifully engraved on back by our in-house engraving department.

We offer a variety of ways in which your jewelry can be engraved. You can have a three letter monogram engraved on your locket, or opt to have a personal note engraved instead. To learn more about our engraving options, click here or call us today at (888) 501-8777 or contact us online by clicking here.


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Samples of Engraved Lockets

Darla Family Locket

Penelope by Charles Green with hand engraving

Veronica Sterling Locket with a large "W" engraved on the front


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