About Children's Necklaces

Children's Necklaces

When you're searching for children's necklaces, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. You should be sure that the necklaces that you are considering will not pose a risk to children who are small enough to put things in their mouths. You may also want to search for necklaces that are within your budget, in the event that your children damage them.This is a common problem with lockets.

At Heartsmith, we have an ample selection of necklaces that are appropriate for children. All of the necklaces that you'll find in our selection are finely crafted from silver, gold, or platinum. Whether you're looking for an elegant locket or classic pendant, you'll find many choices in our catalog.

A Variety of Children's Necklaces

Among the children's necklaces that you'll find on our website are mother and daughter necklaces. Consider the locket necklace above. Shown is the smaller version, but we also have a larger version for mom on the white gold/platinum page. You can also find many heart pendants--some of which feature gemstones, including garnet, topaz, and citrine. In addition to pendants that we carry, we also have many styles of lockets so that your children can keep photos of your family with them. You may want to give your daughter the same locket that her mother wears.

In addition to our selection of necklaces, you can find many bracelets for your children. Like many of our lockets, some of our bracelets feature intricate scrollwork and an antique finish. If you would like more information about our jewelry for children, you can click here to send us a question online or you can call us at (888) 501-8777.


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