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Children's Jewelry

One of the sweetest gifts a child can receive is that of a keepsake locket. For many children, lockets are the first pieces of jewelry they ever wear. As the leading Internet resource for quality lockets, Heartsmith Jewelry is pleased with and proud of our wide selection of children's lockets.

Children's lockets are not the same thing as adult lockets. Whereas most adult lockets are between three-quarters to a full inch in width, children's lockets are scaled appropriate to their bodies. Most are between three-eighths to half-an-inch in width.

Another distinction is that, though we carry many children's lockets in 14 karat gold, we offer many which are fashioned from equally beautiful, but less expensive metals. We have a wide variety of children's lockets made from sterling silver or are gold filled. Many parents and grandparents feel that these metals are more appropriate for children's jewelry.

As you might expect, Heartsmith Jewelry carries more than just lockets and children's jewelry. Due to our strong ties to the finest metalworkers in the United States and Europe, we also feature beautiful sterling silver baby cups and spoons, sterling silver rattles, as well as charming tooth-fairy keepsake tooth-holders, perfect for making dreams as children and for reminiscing over once adulthood has been reached. Most of our precious metal children's items are engravable, adding to their sentimental value, both today and in years to come. Thank you for your interest in Heartsmith and our line of high-quality products designed specifically for the special children in your life.


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A few lockets for Children ...

Sweetheart Locket

Haley Gold Filled Locket

Louise Sterling Locket

Flower Sterling Silver Locket


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