About Baby Keepsake Boxes

Baby Keepsake Boxes

If you've just had a baby or your friends have recently welcomed one into their lives, you might consider purchasing keepsake boxes in which significant memories can be stored. At Heartsmith, we offer a range of ornate keepsake boxes at affordable prices, making them ideal for baby gifts. Among the keepsake boxes that you'll find in our online catalog are the charming Fairypot and Tooth Fairy Box.

Our sterling tooth fairy box features a delicate fairy perched on the lid of the box. Made from sterling silver, the bottom of the box is lined in velvet. You might choose to give this to a child or to her parents so that they can hold on to the first teeth that she loses.

Delicate Baby Keepsake Boxes

You might also consider giving our First Curl keepsake box, which can be engraved on the bottom to personalize it. Those looking for baby keepsake boxes that make stunning displays may consider the Fairypot. The small box features a butterfly atop the lid and amethysts around the perimeter.

In addition to keepsake boxes, you might also consider giving a baby or her parents a locket. We have many styles from which you can choose, including multi-photo lockets and lockets with gemstones or enamel finishes. If you need help choosing the perfect gift for a baby or her parents, contact us at (888) 501-8777 or click here to contact us online today. A member of our team will be glad to assist you immediately.


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