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Anniversaries remind us that marriage is the beginning of a new life together, full of love and promise. The commitment we make to each other gives us the strength to handle the challenges of life as well as enjoy the blessings. We often overlook the importance of celebrating an anniversary. We remember to give gifts for birthdays and major holidays but many couples forget to remember each other on the anniversary of their wedding.

At Heartsmith we believe in keeping the flame of romance alive in a relationship. That is why for over ten years we have been the leading source on the internet for the most romantic piece of jewelry, the locket. Since their Victorian heyday, there is no other gift of jewelry so personal and so potentially treasured as a handcrafted locket made from either Sterling Silver, 14kt gold or beautiful, glimmering platinum.

Lockets are sentimental especially because they have a secret compartment to hold our most precious possessions. For an anniversary, you can enclose a picture of your wedding day, your wedding vows written in tiny script or even a dried flower from your bridal bouquet.

Lockets come in all shapes and sizes. We offer a wide variety of designs in all metals and price points. Whether your budget is modest or extravagant, Heartsmith is one stop shopping when it comes to lockets. You will not find a bigger selection anywhere else. But regardless of the design you choose or the money invested, the message is the same....I continue to give you my heart and my love, forever and always.

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Some of our favorite Lockets for Anniversaries


Penelope- 18K Engraved Locket


Destiny 18K Locket


Nancy- 18K Locket

Four Picture Locket

Darla Family Locket


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