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Valentine Gift Idea

Valentine's is the most romantic of holidays. As such, men often feel the pressure to find "the perfect gift." Relax. At Heartsmith, we've got you covered.

Heartsmith is the Internet's leading resource for that most romantic of jewelry pieces, the heart-shaped locket. Fashioned out of sterling silver, 14k or 18k gold, or beautiful platinum, our heart-shaped lockets make the perfect Valentine's gift. You may be thinking, "Well, aren't lockets old-fashioned and kind of sentimental?" And the answer is yes, which is why they are the perfect gift for an old-fashioned and sentimental holiday like Valentine's Day.

However, though the concept of the heart shaped locket is old-fashioned, our styles run the gamut from Victorian and baroque to sleek and modern. Even the edgiest girl will love a sleek, polished platinum locket, perhaps engraved with her initial on the front, yours on the back, with your favorite picture of the two of you tucked inside. And, should you find yourself across the table from a retro-girl that loves black and white movies, baking cookies, and who fully embraces her inner-Martha, then honey, you are really in the right place.

At Heartsmith Jewelry, we are proud to carry the finest lockets from around the world. These aren't cheap trinkets; our lockets are master-works made by the greatest metal-workers of Europe and America. Many are made by hand and carry lifetime guarantees. So fellas, sit back and patiently go through the pages of our many beautiful and romantic lockets. Chances are, you'll be clicking along and then suddenly, there it will be: the perfect Valentine's gift for your special gal. Happy Hunting, and Happy Valentine's Day.

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