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Engraved Pendants

An engraved pendant is a personalized gift. It shows that you took the time to create a gift specifically for that person. It changes an ordinary pendant into a sentimental piece, a keepsake. There are many ways to engrave a pendant. You can engrave a single initial (either using the initial of their first name or an initial of their last name). You can engrave a monogram, where the initial of their last name is larger, in the center, with the initial of their first name to the left and the initial of their middle name to the right. Or you can opt to engrave a loving sentiment. Depending on the size of the pendant, you can engrave something short like “I love you” or something longer like “you are forever in my heart”. An engraved pendant is a beautiful way to express yourself, a loving tribute to a loved one.


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Samples of Engraved Pendants

Alexa Sterling Dogtag

Veronica Sterling Locket

Nellie Pawprint Tag


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