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18 karat gold is considered the master jeweler's master material. Brilliant in its shine, 18 karat gold gleams with a warm luster that no other metal can imitate. The perfect gold for fine jewelry, master locket makers save their best designs and finest craftsmanship for the lockets made from this metal.

At Heartsmith, we carry a very wide variety of lockets and jewelry made from both white and yellow 18k gold. You can find examples of 18 karat lockets in several "aisles" of our virtual shop, including "White Gold and Platinum Lockets," "Yellow Gold Lockets," "Luxury Lockets," and our top-of-the-line selections found in the "Charles Green & Sons" section. If you're searching specifically for the perfect 18 karat gold locket, be sure to browse each of these departments carefully.

Our 18 karat gold lockets are made only by the finest European and American goldsmiths. Bearing lifetime guarantees, each is a wearable work of art. Whether you lean toward styles contemporary or Victorian, each 18 karat gold locket carried by Heartsmith is a treasured family heirloom in the making.

18 karat gold lockets aren't trifles. They are serious pieces of jewelry which convey serious feelings of love and devotion. Given to one's beloved, they imply deep emotions and heartfelt connections. 18 karat gold lockets are ideal candidates for miniature wedding portraits, locks of a loved one's hair, or tiny written vows of love. Thank you for your interest in 18 kt gold lockets, and for visiting us at Heartsmith. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1 (888) 501-8777.


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